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Don't struggle in silence, we will help you to overcome the difficult challenges 

In a safe and supportive environment

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Head's Up Therapy & Performance Coaching

Counselling & Psychotherapy can be useful tools for us to establish what is at the core of our challenges. It can help us to discover who we really are. Once the process is started, it can be like peeling away layers of an onion and the more we look, the more we discover. This can be a difficult process as initially we may discover things about ourselves which we may not like, but ultimately, we can find out who we really are and go about living an authentic happy, life & fulfil our potential.


Sometimes life can be challenging. We all need support at times, and often a counsellor is the right person to help you overcome the difficulties, to help understand yourself and find a new solution to coping. 


Through talking therapy, your therapist will help you create positive changes in how you think, feel and act, to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing so you can thrive again.  

Feel confident that you are able to talk confidentially about your challenges and your feelings with a counsellors at Head's Up Therapy & Performance Coaching to gain deeper insights into the issues you face, and learn to resolve the root cause of your problems. 


Our Services


Personal Development

We will help you with your personal development by identifying psychological and behavioural insights.

We will study the psychology that underpins your performance which will allow us to give you personal recommendations & life strategies that you can implement to achieve your personal goals.


Effective mental health treatment can reduce your symptoms and help you to achieve positive mental wellbeing.


If you feel like your anxiety, depression & stress has taken over your life, you can rest assured our experienced mental health professionals can help you resolve the factors contributing to your mental health difficulties.



Relationships are difficult. Sometimes our need for love undermines our ability to function. This is made more complex when the significant other experiences a similar dysfunctional drive.


The good news: this can be fixed. It is possible to have healthy, mutually respectful, and supportive relationships. 


Victims Of Narcissism & Other Cluster B Personality Disorders

Victims of Narcissistic Abuse often feel isolated, confused, damaged, worthless, exhausted, withdrawn, and lonely and these are only some of the effects of having a Narcissist in your life.


Talking with one of our therapists will help you recognise your triggers and develop healthy boundaries to protect yourself in the future. We will support you on your journey to recovery. We will teach you how to spot narcissistic patterns that you can use to watch out for and we will equip you with coping strategies that will enable you to live a happier life.


Meditation - Business & Personal

We’ll work with you to help navigate through interpersonal conflict between individuals or within any organisation.


The art of mediation and effective conversations can prevent problems from escalating, reducing the cost of conflict for all of those involved.

Meet Your Therapist

I'm Chris Gibson, and I'm not your average therapist — I'm a qualified Counsellor & Performance Coach here to help individuals, couples, and even businesses thrive.


With two decades of experience under my belt, I've developed a deep passion for psychology and mental health. My journey has taken me from the sunny shores of California, where I delved into neurolinguistics programming, timeline therapy, and hypnotherapy, to completing a comprehensive performance coaching and teaching package back home.


But that's not all — my thirst for knowledge led me to qualify in psychotherapeutic counselling and advanced corporate stress management. Through extensive research, I've honed my expertise in areas of mental health, relationships, and Cluster B personality disorders.

My expertise doesn't stop there. I've had the privilege of working with Britain's stunt professionals, providing them with performance psychology guidance and consulting on training and supplementation. As my career progressed, I found myself delivering performance coaching, personal safety, stress management, and physical intervention presentations for a range of blue-chip companies including Waitrose, Sainsbury's, John Lewis, and Wilkinsons.


But enough about me — let's talk about you. Whether you're grappling with personal challenges, seeking to enhance your relationships, or aiming to boost your business performance, I'm here to lend a caring ear and expert guidance every step of the way. So why wait? Let's embark on this journey together towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.


Who is Heads Up Therapy for?


Our services are available for Individuals, Couples, & Businesses.

How long are the session?
Sessions are 1hour 30min long and will take place on FaceTime. Individual platform preferences can be discussed.

Sessions may not take the full 1 hour and 30 minutes but that is the time that will be allocated for each session.

How does group coaching work?

For corporate coaching and small presentations, half and full-day days can be arranged on-site, depending on your business's requirements. Rates are competitive and will be tailored for the clients individual requirements, so please Call us to arrange a free consultation and no obligation first free session.

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